Back ground

Buyanja Savings and credit Cooperative Society Ltd (BUSACCO) was established way back in 2002 with a group of women who formed the then Buyanja Women Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. These women had come together as a community to do projects that would liberate them from poverty and empower them financially. Among the projects they started with was a poultry project. Later on, men came on board and it was officially registered as Buyanja Cooperative Savings and Credit Society Ltd on the 3rd Day of December 2002 with registration No. 6614. As time went on, the poultry project became unmanageable because being communally owned, and management had to concentrate on savings and credit. Since 2002, the SACCO had expanded and grown by leaps and bounds, encountering several challenges but has strived for its development to be what a well positioned and staffed SACCO it is now.

VISION:   A self sustaining SACCO that meets members’ social – economic needs in South Western Uganda

MISSION:  To provide financial and related non financial services to members to alleviate poverty and promote investment.

CORE VALUES:  Integrity, Punctuality, Member Care, Team work, Effectiveness, Accountability, Efficiency

Motto:  “Empowered through savings”


Buyanja Savings and credit Cooperative Society Ltd (BUSACCO) is a member owned, member used, member financed, member controlled and member benefitting. BUSACCO members buy shares, save funds and borrow to finance economic activities which can yield income for their own sustainability. BUSACCO’s target clients are the active poor in rural areas who can work hard to make good use of funds and increase their productivity and household income. Currently, the SACCO covers a wider geographical area of Buyanja Sub County itself and other neighbouring sub counties of Nyakagyeme, Kebisoni, Rukungiri municipality and Nyarushanje. Entirely, BUSACCO covers the whole of Rukungiri District and South Western Uganda


It has a net worth in excess of Ugx 9.2 Billion where Ugx 7.4 billion is in loans to its members. Annually, the SACCO extends credit to its members in excess of Ugx 7 billion and 86% of these loans are given to agricultural clients/Farmers.

  • Savings over Ugx 4.5 Billion
  • Member Shares of over Ugx 2.6 Billion