Nahabwe James Kashakuza

Nahabwe James Kashakuza is a 63-year-old farmer from Rugando, Nyakinengo, Nyakagyemewho joined Buyanja SACCO on 08/04/2016with expectations of getting good financial services like loan acquisition, saving his funds, purchase of shares, etc. “I am impressed, I have been able to access the same services beyond my expectations.I can access a loan in the shortest time, and am happy about the MSACCO mobile banking facility that eases savings and loan repayment since I come from far.” Says James.

“I have been able to acquire many loans that have helped me to boost my Agricultural projects like banana plantation project, exotic breeds and cattle rearing project, coffee growing and home improvement on top of paying school fees for my children” he narrates.

He accords appreciation to BUSACCO for the favorable loan terms and conditions unlike other institutions that request for too much. Also, he says, the reduction of interest rates from 3% to 2.8% to 2.5% has given him favorable conditions for his income growth & development.

He encourages all non-membersto join Buyanja SACCO and benefit from the reliable services and products offered.


Godfrey Sentume Arinaitwe:

My Name is Godfrey Sentume Arinaitwe; born and raised in Buyanja Town. On 12.09.2008; I opened an account, bought shares and applied for a loan that was meant to offset my Mum’s bad Loan at the time which she had secured for Education of my siblings but defaulted on its payment. It’s then that I started enjoying the benefits of Buyanja SACCO.

Since 2008; I have secured loans from a number of commercial banks and SACCOs. To judge my loan experience, I will state it that I have enjoyed more of the relationship with the Buyanja SACCO because it trusted me with a loan at the time when no one else could. Secondly, the process of securing a loan from Buyanja SACCO is so smooth and quick to an extent of receiving your account credited within a period of 8 hours. Kudos!!!!!!!

This speed and smoothness of the loan process has made our (with my wife Moreen) investing in home area Buyanja quiet easy. We have been able to buy pieces of land including contributing to the construction of Night Sentume’s family house in Nyakaina with support from Buyanja SACCO. We have also ensured that all our 4 children have accounts and shares in Buyanja SACCO.

I have used every opportunity available to convince and encourage my peers, my family, and my friends to join the SACCO and enjoy the following benefits among others;

  1. Quick and Smooth loans for Development
  2. Home Identity (Connects you to your roots)
  3. Annual Dividends from your shares
  4. Contributing to the development of Buyanja (Our Home Area)

“There is that satisfaction you receive when you know that your contribution touches the lives of your people and as well the profits from your contribution are not only shared by yourself but also your Village mates”