Gilbert Tugeineyo Nsubuga

A 28 year old youth and agribusiness entrepreneur. He is a resident of Kizinga B Cell, Buyanja town council in Rukungiri district.

He joined Buyanja SACCO in March 2018, after being advised by a friend. He says he had long wanted to engage in agribusiness but had no way out. “It was a dream come true. I had all along yearned for this enterprise but had no way out”. Nsubuga noted. He has since established the Nsubuga Farm in the same area.

Nsubuga got his first loan in the same year he joined Buyanja Sacco in December. He says he was forced to join the Sacco as a youth who had finished Advanced level education because he thought of making money to take care of himself, parents and other relatives. “Being the only child of my parents, I saw the task was great for me” Nsubuga told this reporter at his reporter at his farm, adding that because of this kind of responsibility, he needed to get money to do my projects but I feared money lenders because of their high interest rates,” Nsubuga said, adding that his friend referred him to Buyanja SACCO because of their good services.

Nsubuga at first got a two million shillings loan, he started on the passion fruit growing where he got approximately 10 million shillings. Out of this money, he bought a cow and four goats, in addition to raising the standard of living of his family.

He also saved some money, which he topped up with another loan of 4 million shillings. Nsubuga says he injected 5 million shillings in his current project of passion fruits and water melons. He projects to harvest about 30 million shillings from the project which is being carried out on a 1.5 acre piece of land.

Topista Ntegyerize

The 30th Member of Buyanja Sacco. She is a resident of Kabekakye in Buyanja Town Council Rukungiri district. She narrates that when she joined the Sacco, her intention was to get money to build her business.

Ntegyereize is a market vendor, dealing in first hand women clothes. A mother of 7, she says she joined the Sacco in 2002, when she had three kids. Because of the money she used to get from the Sacco in terms of loans, her business grew and  managed to pay for their children’s education. “I have 7 children. All of them are done with their education, they are married and working” Topista Ntegyereize said.

Ntegyereize started with one million shillings, which grew over time and she now takes three million shillings. She says she had a very small boutique by the first time which she put as her collateral, but has since grown into a big a big business. In addition to educating all her children, Ntegyereize has built a home in Mbarara, has a rental room for business, has land and other investments.

Throughout her business life, Ntegyereize has had to use loans got from Buyanja Sacco. It is her lone financial service provider. She is very proud of her Sacco because every time she wants more, she gets it. “If my personal Officer leaves the Sacco, I am immediately called on and given another one. All of them have treated me with respect.” She says after having built in Mbarara, the bank continued to trust her, and she remained a loyal customer. “I am treated like a VIP client. I take short term loans and get another one. Every time I buy something, I take a receipt to the bank and this too becomes my collateral. She said